It`s Andes Aviation Turbo normalizing Kit.

This means a lot more to your Bonanaza than mere horsepower.

A naturally aspirated engine gasps for breath when you take it over6.000 feet, no matter how powerful it is.

The air up there is just too thin for efficient combustion.

Now add Andes Aviation turbo normalize kit to your bonanza and feel the difference. The turbo based normalize compresses high altitude intake air and delivers it to your engine at sea-level pressure automatically, with no additional manual controls, your Bonanaza develops sea-level take off horsepower at over 16.000 feet.

It delivers continuous power to over 18.000 feet, and breezes along at 210 mph cruise airspeed from 15.000 to 20.000 feet.(These are test figures being double checked in the prototype)

In other words, any airport in the world is sea-level as far as your Bonanza is concerned. And when rough weather has other light planes grounded, you simply go up and over it. You enjoy a smoother, quieter ride in the bargain.

The Andes Aviation Kit works automatically. No additional pilot work load than in a normally aspirated airplane, Pilot control remains the same as before installation. Accidental over boost is not possible due to the redundancy of protection systems to the engine. You never exceed manufacturers specs, and the engine is never over stressed.

This unique kit uses long proven turbocharger manufacturer parts as Garrete Airesearch ; Over 125.000 Airesearch Turbochargers have logged more than 250 million hours of service on every thing from heavy diesel earth movers to light aircraft.

This new installation for the Bonanza is the logical solution to us who can not see an optional solution to increasing performance in our birds, and our only option is sell it & grow in engine size .

The Andes Aviation Kit is now available for all bonanza models, from A trough G, powered by continental E-Series Engines, be it 165, 185 or E-225 hp engines.

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