Frequently asked Questions

Does this system work with my carburetted engine? Yes, it was specifically designed to be installed and operate with the PS5C pressure carburettor. If you have Mavel Shebler unit, it must be mentioned before the purchase , as special adjustments / modifications must be performed.What can I expect in terms of critical altitude an my aircraft?

Well, we are aiming at 20.000 ft as critical altitude, and you will probably be able to go as far as 24.000ft before significant loss of power

I have the Bendix fuel injection STC, will the turbo normalizing kit work correctly?

Yes, it is the simplest configuration in terms of installation , but operates exactly the same as a carburetted engine. You will though be able to operate leaner of peak than with the carburetted option.

How about CHT´s, is it complicated to maintain them under 400 °F?

It all depends on your procedure following habits. The system it self won’t do the job on it’s own. You must control CHT & EGT just as you do with your actual engine, and yes, if you lean correctly you will se numbers in the mid to high 300´s .

Would I require an engine monitor / scanner to operate with the system?

We highly recommend you do. It is the easiest way to keep track of your engines health, and follow the critical parameters behaviour during flight.

What about rate of climb, will I see an improvement?

Yes, we typically see roc above 1200 fpm all the way up to 16.000 ft. After that we recommend to lower the roc to keep CHT within range.

How long would it take my FBO to install the STC?

The kit includes everything you would need, and an experienced mechanic could do it in a days work. Then after that probably another 2 to 3 hour tuning & adjusting, but not more than that.

Can you install it for me?

Yes, we have experienced & skilled technicians that would travel to your location to do the job at a preset fee, depending on location.

Is there an impact in the W&B of the aircraft?

Yes, there is an 12 Lb increase in front of the spar, but this is always a plus for bonanzas envelope. All the calculations are included in the package

How about pilot work load, This is critical in IFR?

Well, long story short, you will not need to do anything you don’t do today with the system installed. It is automatically controlled to maintain power settings , so you just concentrate in flying your toy. You will only notice that you don’t loose power as you used to.

Will my maintenance bills increase?

Not if you continue to take care of your engine the way you have until today. You will though have a small impact at overhaul because of the addition of the Turbo & other components, but it will be minimal if you look at the big picture.

What speeds will I expect to see at 18.000 ft?

We have achieved 187Kt TAS, at 2300 rpm & 26″ Mp.

How about fuel consumption , does it increase?

Yes, because you are maintaining sea level rated power all the way up to the top floor, and that demands additional fuel. We typically see 12,5 to 13,5 gph (180Kt TAS, at 2300 rpm & 26″ Mp) leaned.

Will the Turbo normalizing kit shorten my engine life expectancy?

No , it shouldn’t if you operate within the POH. The system is designed to never exceed Manufacturers limits on its own, but if you do not follow our indicated procedure you will damage your engine, as you would if you do it without the system installed.

How about support after sales?

We have on line support for our customers, plus the 800 Andes Aviation number you can call Mon. thru Fri. from 8:00 to 18:00 in case you need our assistance. We can also send you our technician if it comes to it.

Does your kit only apply for Bonanza´s?

No, our STC covers all E- Series engines, no matter what they are pulling / pushing, i.e. Navion, Mentor, etc.

Can you ship international?

Yes, we frequently do. You just indicate us your preferred freight company and we will take care of everything from there.

Can I use auto fuel STC with the system?

As long as it is higher than 93 octane you should be OK, but as we have not tested it we can not guaranty either safety or performance of the combination. If you are committed to the purchase, we could develop something together for your application.

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